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I Feel Like Shit, But At Least I Feel Something. by Jay-Allen-Hansen

I can't stop looking at this. It's really rare for me to rate something 5 stars all the way, but I just have to for this one.
Vision: Obviously here. Altogether it's absolutely stunning.
Originality: The hand poses and muscle really make me study this. I love the way the beak part forms into the face, almost as if it was meant to be a part of this man. The birds coming by are fluttery and violent at the same time, which I love.
Technique: Not much to say here. It's top-notch; even the ink is amazing.
Impact: Highest point is here. The figure poses and those of the birds make the whole thing feel like it intends to explode or something.

All in all, I love it. Fantastic work.
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